The WaterAnalytics project will produce:

  • The WaterAnalytics Platform, comprising a back-end server with distributed databases, big-data analytics infrastructure, Geographical Information System server for processing, a task scheduler for handling the orchestration of the different services and a web server.

  • The Smart Water Apps repository, which is populated with software modules that the WaterAnalytics Platform can use to expand its capabilities

  • The hardware IoT-enabling device, which interfaces with generic sensors/actuators to provide connectivity to the WaterAnalytics Platform.

The water system operator will be served through an intuitive User Interface which will facilitate the interaction with the system as well as with the External Data module to allow connectivity with 3rd party applications, web services and mobile apps (e.g., for crowd-sourcing purposes to reduce the time of detecting small visible leaks).


Project Downloads Section

Here you can download all public material and outputs of WaterAnalytics

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